Included Products in STRUCTURAL ENTERPRISE BUNDLE- 1. STAAD.Pro Advanced 1.1 STAAD.Pro 1.2 Advanced Analysis 1.3 Advanced Concrete Design (RCDC) 2. STAAD Foundation Advanced 3. RAM Structural System 3.1 RAM Steel 3.2 RAM Frame Analysis 3.3 RAM Frame Steel Design 3.4 RAM Concrete 3.5 RAM Foundation 4. RAM Concept 5. RAM Concept Post Tension 6. RAM Elements 7• RAM Connection 8• Microstran.Advanced 9• Microstran Design Code 10• Limcon 11• Limcon Design Code 12• RCDC-FE 13• Structural Synchronizer Use what you want, when you want it, with our bundled software suite of STAAD, RAM, and Microstran. These applications have been proven worldwide for decades in the design of infrastructure projects both large and small. You get reduced upfront costs, simplified business transactions, and the power of interoperability at your fingertips. Benefits to you include: 1. Complete workflows 2. Greater reuse of information 3. Unlimited access for each user 4. Lower cost of ownership With Structural Enterprise, you can design in any infrastructure sector, with multiple materials, using any analysis method that is appropriate for the job. Structural Enterprise helps you: 1. Design structural components such as timber members, trusses, masonry walls, concrete tilt-up walls, retaining walls, and foundations using RAM Elements. 2. Design industrial and civil structures using STAAD.Pro Advanced, RAM Connection, and STAAD Foundation Advanced. 3. Design multi-story concrete buildings using RAM Frame Analysis, RAM Concrete, RAM Concept, and RAM Foundation. 4. Design multi-story steel buildings using RAM Steel, RAM Frame Analysis, RAM Frame Steel Design, RAM Connection, and RAM Foundation. 5. Design industrial structures using Microstran, Limcon, and STAAD Foundation Advanced.

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