With the latest STAAD Pro Advanced Connect Edition- 1. Perpetual License of STAAD Pro Connect Edition (Latest Version) with all STAAD Design Codes 2. Perpetual License of STAAD Advanced Analysis Plus Engine (includes faster analysis tool for complex structures and some other non-linear analysis tools) 3. Perpetual License of Limited version of STAAD Foundation Advanced- Isolated, Combined and Pile-cap 4. Perpetual License of STAAD Advanced Concrete Design with Global Design Codes (STAAD RCDC) 5. Bentley STAAD PlanWin and STAAD Steel Autodrafter, till the time your licenses will be under the SELECT Subscription contract Solve the most complex design and analysis problems faster than ever before with STAAD.Pro Advanced CONNECT Edition. It’s the most comprehensive version of STAAD.Pro and up to 100 times faster than STAAD.Pro with its advanced solver. Tackle projects of any scale and analyze simple to complex models with over 20,000 nodes at optimum speed. Design under any static or dynamic loading conditions, meeting the highest seismic building standards. Complete intricate projects quicker, including large or complicated models with multiple load cases and combinations. Quickly perform Eigen, Ritz, Nonlinear, P-Delta analysis, thermal loading, and more. Leverage integrated concrete member design, detailing, and documentation using the Advanced Concrete Design workflow. In addition to all of the capabilities included in the standard STAAD.Pro, this advanced option offers state-of-the-art and more complex analysis such as: 1. Geometric Non-linear 2. Steady State 3. Buckling 4. Cable 5. Pushover 6. Floor Spectrum CAPABILITIES- 1. Comply with seismic requirements 2. Design and analyze with finite elements 3. Design beams, columns and walls 4. Design non-traditional and custom shapes 5. Design to international standards 6. Generate design loads and load combinations 7. Perform geometric nonlinear analysis 8. Produce concrete drawings and schedules 9. Produce comprehensive quantity takeoffs 10. Produce section property reports

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