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SOLIDWORKS offers complete 3D software tools that let you create, simulate, publish, and manage your data. SOLIDWORKS products are easy to learn and use, and help you design products better.We will be so glad to see your interest in technology driven by SOLIDWORKS . As per our telephonic discussion with you we are enclosing product details and commercial price of SOLIDWORKS EDUCATION SOFTWARE BUNDLE for your reference. We are enclosing the Product Detail for your reference only. #SolidWorks® Premium  3D CAD 3D mechanical design software for Part Modeling, Surfacing, Sheet Metal Design, Assembly. #SolidWorks® Simulation Premium Finite Element Analysis (Linear & non Linear) including composites & Kinematics #SolidWorks® Flow Simulation CFD: Computational fluid dynamics and thermal analysis. #HVAC AND COOLING MODULES - unique challenges of electronic packaging and HVAC designers. Simulate the air and heat flows through electronic components and HVAC systems Unique Feature #SolidWorks® Sustainability Sustainable design hinges on life cycle assessment (LCA), an in-depth, cradle-to-grave analysis of your product. LCA helps you to make smart, environmentally friendly decisions before manufacturing begins #SolidWorks Plastics Gives designers or builders of injection molds an accurate, easy-to-use way to optimize them. Quickly create and analyze single, multi-cavity, and family mold layouts. Unique Feature #PhotoView 360 Create photo-realistic images of SolidWorks models #SolidWorks Toolbox Automate assembly tasks with a library of standard parts #SolidWorks® Animator Create compelling AVI files from SolidWorks parts and assemblies #Costing Tool The costing tool helps designers make faster and more repeatable decisions based on manufacturing costs and helps manufacturers automate their quoting processes. Unique Feature #SolidWorks Utilities Analyze designs and compare different versions of a design #3D Instant Website Quickly make a website featuring your design Unique Feature #PDMWorks Minimize errors and duplicated efforts by capturing file revision histories automatically. Access desired files Unique Feature #Circuitworks Fully integrated bi-directional interface between SolidWorks and PCB Design systems Unique Features #JOB Availability More than 20, 000 jobs at any point of time on the largest job site Naukri.Com Unique Features

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