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BIM innovation in water network analysis with Benley’s WaterGEMS:- Bentley’s WaterGEMS – a water distribution analysis and design software – aims to analyse water distribution system and build a comprehensive water distribution network, and has been optimised in a number of projects in the Middle East BIM BentleyExpansion of the wastewater treatment and reclamation plant in Kuwait. Dorsch Gruppe, engineering consultants to the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, has used Bentley’s WaterGEMS softwater in its US$42.2mn project that supplied water to 275 villas, two mosques and two retail shops in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi. The WaterGEMS technology aims to adjust hydraulic parameters and determine the best pipeline locations, diameters and materials. Compared to manual analyses, Bentley technology aims to reduce design time by 10-20 per cent and cost by five per cent. According to Bentley, overall design time is decreased by five to 10 per cent compared to traditional design, with the cost of fittings and pipeline decreasing by five per cent and five to 10 per cent respectively. To know more about Bentley WaterGEMS, Call: 8071265117

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